February 12, 2012

Birthday Card

So how much do YOU get done at a crop?   At my all day crop yesterday I colored this image for my card.  I didn't cut any cardstock, didn't glue any paper or even fold the card base - just colored the image, LOL!!  But I had the most fun babbling and catching up with my peeps so it is all good!

My father-in-law turned 70 today and I wanted to make a fun card, nothing sentimental or teasing, just fun.  I was looking for a Dr. Seuss kind of cake image and found this one at Meljen's Designs.  LOVE it!  And it has 7 candles on it which is one for each decade, even better.

My hubby's birthday was this week too, so we celebrated both today with family and friends at brunch in a local restaurant.  There was live music set up in a loft overlooking the dining area and the saxophone player played Happy Birthday for the boys when the waitress brought out a candle lit dessert - what a perfect moment.

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  1. We are supposed to get things accomplished at our crops? Who knew? lol

    Happy Birthday to your boys! Adorable card. :)

  2. Well if you weren't helping me with all my stuff, you might have got more done! ;) LOL! Love how this turned out. Very purdy, er, handsome!