February 10, 2012

Colorful Valentines

These homemade crayons are so easy and fun!  I've seen lots of folks posting this project on their blogs lately and my daughter and I wanted to try them so we decided to make them for her class valentines.

She is one of Dustin Pike's biggest fans and, not surprisingly, insisted that we use one of his images for her valentines.  She selected one of the Dudley freebies (he's her absolute fave!).  Dustin offered a colored version of this digi but it did not have pink in it so it just wasn't "right", lol!  I knew that neither of us would be up to the task of coloring 30+ images so I decided to play a little in Photoshop.   After a lot of trial and error and countless moments of sheer luck I finally ended up with this:

I really need to figure out how to do this on purpose!  I love it even though I think it could become very addicting.

We glue-dotted the crayons inside matchbook inspired covers, tucking the bottom flap between the matted image and the cover to close them. 

I'm glad I didn't wait til the last minute to start this project because although it only took two days to make the crayons and valentines, it took two weeks to get my little sweetie to finish addressing and signing them, lol!

Hey peeps - I'm done early!  Did you fall off your chair just now?  LOL!!!

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  1. You crack me up. Love the card and the crayon hearts. You did a wonderful job putting a little pink in with Photo Shop. I am sure all the kido's will love them.



  2. This is fabulous Denni - you're such a talented girl! I find I play with Photoshop too - trouble is I sometimes get things to sort of work without realising which buttons I pressed!!

  3. Oh, Denni, that is SUCH a cute idea!