March 19, 2012

Birthday Card

My youngest sister's birthday is today.  She always made it clear that she is not my "little" sister since she towers over me in height, lol!  We used to be really close but we don't see each other much anymore and I miss her.  So I made this birthday card to send to her using my fancy new Spellbinders die (yippee!!) and my new Wee Stamps image. 

This image is called "Spring Bringer" and is perfect for her birthday too since we are having amazingly warm weather here in the northeast.  Yep, I just took credit for the gorgeous weather, lol!  (good thing I didn't use a snowman image, eh peeps??  heehee!!)

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March 17, 2012

March 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Mom!

 I am totally addicted to these Wee Stamps!!  OMGosh Suzi is just so stinkin adorable I can NOT resist her.  And the only person who may love her more than me is my mom.  So here she is all ready to wish my mom a Happy Birthday!!

I finally was able to use my new English Tea Party Doily die by Cheery Lynn too.  Most of it is hidden behind the image but trust me if you have never seen this one - it is GORGEOUS!!  I can't afford to splurge on many of these dies since they are a bit pricey, but that is a good thing because if I could I would have another addiction to feed, lol!

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March 5, 2012

Oh! Oh! Oreo!!

Do you know what tomorrow is?  The Oreo turns 100!  I think that is so awesome. 

I'm not sure if the recipe has changed since 1912 but the packaging and advertisements sure have:












Time to grab some cookies and milk and celebrate!

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