May 28, 2012

Never Forget, Always Honor

"Our freedom has never been free...
It is won by brave men and women
Who sometimes pay the ultimate price.
Today we honor those who serve
And remember those we have lost."

May 27, 2012

3D Letter B

Kenzie Daley, good golly girl, your brain is AMAZING!!  LOL!!  I wanted 3D letters that I could create with my Cameo and your new designs that add a usable box feature are way too cool.  I finally had a chance to try making one this morning and oh-my-gosh these are awesome!

I admit that this was very tricky to assemble.  I enlarged the letter to 6", but at a smaller size it must be super duper double tricky maneuvering those tiny openings.  I had no trouble attaching the back to the inside openings of the letter, but next time I think I will start with the front because when you are working with an almost closed box it is hard to keep things lined up correctly and I'd rather have any mismatched spots hidden.  In the end I had to glue the tab opening on top shut because the tab didn't quite reach the closure - but I think that was because I didn't have the outside edges lined up evenly.  It would have definitely been easier if I wasn't using quick dry glue, lol!  But on the bright side, I know if it were able to open and close my daughter would have seen it as a cool "treasure" box and then played with it, and stuffed it full of Squinkies, or beads, or goodness knows what other tiny objects a 6 year old treasures - and then it would have only lasted a day or so.

I decorated it with pretty ribbon and flowers, and now she is so excited to put it in her room on display, so hopefully it lasts at least a week.

I still think I like the idea of a 2 piece top and bottom kind of box (much easier to assemble I would guess) so I'll be watching the Silhouette Online Store to see if those designs pop up, but either way I will be collecting the entire alphabet!   ;)

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May 26, 2012

Kitchen Knight

Oh this little man from Mo's Digital Pencil is just too cute!  Super fun to color too.

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May 22, 2012

Graduation Card

Some day, some year, I'm gonna remember how busy the month of May is and I will start my projects BEFORE May, lol!  But alas, it was not meant to be THIS year.  So last minute I was scrambling making a graduation card.  I ran out of time and the "2012" banner just wasn't happening so instead I just have this cute Dustin Pike digi jumping for joy.

And on the way to the graduation ceremony I realized that I hadn't taken a pic of it yet, so while hubby was driving down what seemed like the bumpiest road ever, I quickly pulled it out of the envie and took this pic on my lap.  But ain't my dress purty?  LOL!

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May 13, 2012

Happy Mommy's Day!

This is what I woke up to this morning - oh how I love my sweet little princess!

I wish for all you moms out there the same warm fuzzies I'm feeling today!

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May 12, 2012

Sweet Memories

I loved the Melissa Frances shabby card class I took last month at CKC.  Her papers simply take my breath away - gasp! 

I also adore my mother-in-law.  So when my father-in-law called yesterday saying he couldn't find the right Mother's Day card to give her, and he asked (in an irresistibly sweet and helpless little voice)  if I could help him and make a "nice little card" that he could give her, I knew right away what he could use.  Well, first I freaked under the pressure of no time, then I figured out what he could use, lol!

She appreciates every handmade item that I've ever given to her which makes it easier to let go of one of my treasured cards from that class.  The design is true to the class sample so I can't take credit for that, but I did swap out the sentiment banner on the bottom.  The graphic designer of the C'est la Vie line is the one who taught the class - oh how I wish I could be her in my next life!

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May 8, 2012

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

If you are a teacher - I appreciate you!!  Ohgosh how I admire anyone working in a school system.  I volunteer in my daughter's 1st grade class a couple days a week and I get a glimpse of what the teachers are juggling.  After a couple hours I go home and am totally exhausted - I can't imagine what it takes to keep up that pace for an entire day/week/year!  So to all of you in the teaching field - THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!!

Here is the card I created with my super duper double awesome Cameo (oh I looooove that machine!!).  I made nine for the teachers and three with "thank you" for the office staff (oopsies I missed Administrative Staff Day).

The designs are a combination of Samantha Walker, Lori Whitlock, Lettering Delights and Kristen Magee files, plus some tweaking of my own.

With each card I included a little sticky note pad and pen set.  The papers on the covers are from a DCWV Grade School mat stack.  LOVE those designs for this project!

These are some of the sets for the teaching staff -

...and from that same mat stack I couldn't resist being a bit more playful for the office staff, lol! -

If you would like info on making these sticky note pads, they are the same kind I made HERE.

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May 4, 2012

Guess What I'm Doing...

I'm being crafty!!  woohoo!!  (painting my kitchen can wait til next week, lol!)

I just finished cutting all the pieces to assemble tomorrow at an all day fundraiser crop.  Can you guess what I'm making??  heehee!!


Have a Happy Crafty Day!!

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May 1, 2012

Painting. And More Painting.

Hi Peeps!!  I've been doing so little crafting.  OK, so NO crafting.  But I've been busy- trying to paint almost my entire 1st floor.  I've started with my craft studio which is in what used to be our formal dining room (that we never used).  It is open to the living room and shares a common wall with the kitchen which had already been painted years ago but is also getting a redo, more on that later.  And the ceiling is continuous too.  A couple  patch jobs from leaky plumbing a couple years ago really made me want to repaint the entire ceiling.  I've never done a ceiling before but now I know why folks do not like doing them - What a PITA!!  Or more accurately, PITN (neck) lol!! But after a couple coats it really looks so much better and was totally worth it.

Here's some pics of the work in progress....

My craft studio covered in plastic and sheets:

This chocolate brown color was my crazy idea a few years ago, but I reeeeally disliked the color once it was up and so I never finished the job.  The unfinished state drove poor dear hubby crazy these last couple years, and I really think that the only reason he agreed with me painting my area a dark teal color was to just get this room finished, color didn't matter at this point, lol!

Here's the kitchen area ready for ceiling paint:

All the plastic draping down onto the floor was a fun new "playground" for my cat Dory.  She'd climb under it and when I'd hiss at her she'd do the Bugs Bunny peel out with plastic flying and paws scrambling but not getting anywhere.  She is lucky she is so darn sweet and cute or she may not have survived this long, lol!

When I was finally ready to paint the walls, my daughter was home on spring vacation and she desperately wanted to help.  I gave her this area to paint (which would be hidden by the cabinet that the big guinea pig cage sits on, heehee!) and I let her go to it.  After about 20 minutes (and getting more paint all over mommy's hands, hair and clothes than the wall from waving her roller while talking) she commented about how hard it was, then dramatically wiped the back of her hand across her forehead and simply stated in a sweet tired voice "I'm all done."  She was so proud to have helped though, too CUTE!!!

 And she is not the only one that wanted to help.... 

 I didn't know that cats could climb ladders!  And apparently this cat didn't know that she couldn't climb down, hahaha!!  She'd wobble and look at me with this little helpless look of "Help me. Please!"  LOL!!

But she had her share of fun with the sheets covering the floor.  I turned the corner more than once to find a lump under them moving across the floor.  And when I called her name she'd back out and sit with a look like "Whaaaat...?"   OMGosh this cat cracks me up!!

So my craft area is finally all painted and curtains are 99% finished, but any horizontal space is still covered in piles of stuff.  I'll take pics of the completed project once I clear it up a bit.  First I have to repaint the kitchen walls, then I can put all the decorative dust collectors that are currenlty piled on my craft table and desk back on top of the kitchen cabinets.  That painting job is this week's project, I hope.  The paint we used last time still rubs off if you touch it and it's been three years, crazy.  So we are going with Sherwin Williams this time to cover it up.  The dark red we are using is more of a barn red than we currently have, and I think I'm gonna love it even more.

Then comes the living room and hallway.

Then comes the breezeway.

Then comes my daughter's bedroom.

Will it ever end????

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