May 27, 2012

3D Letter B

Kenzie Daley, good golly girl, your brain is AMAZING!!  LOL!!  I wanted 3D letters that I could create with my Cameo and your new designs that add a usable box feature are way too cool.  I finally had a chance to try making one this morning and oh-my-gosh these are awesome!

I admit that this was very tricky to assemble.  I enlarged the letter to 6", but at a smaller size it must be super duper double tricky maneuvering those tiny openings.  I had no trouble attaching the back to the inside openings of the letter, but next time I think I will start with the front because when you are working with an almost closed box it is hard to keep things lined up correctly and I'd rather have any mismatched spots hidden.  In the end I had to glue the tab opening on top shut because the tab didn't quite reach the closure - but I think that was because I didn't have the outside edges lined up evenly.  It would have definitely been easier if I wasn't using quick dry glue, lol!  But on the bright side, I know if it were able to open and close my daughter would have seen it as a cool "treasure" box and then played with it, and stuffed it full of Squinkies, or beads, or goodness knows what other tiny objects a 6 year old treasures - and then it would have only lasted a day or so.

I decorated it with pretty ribbon and flowers, and now she is so excited to put it in her room on display, so hopefully it lasts at least a week.

I still think I like the idea of a 2 piece top and bottom kind of box (much easier to assemble I would guess) so I'll be watching the Silhouette Online Store to see if those designs pop up, but either way I will be collecting the entire alphabet!   ;)

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  1. You certainly seem to be getting to grips with your Cameo!!

  2. I know a sweet girl who is going to love this!

  3. That decorated letter is very beautiful. Sure hearing a lot of ladies out there getting a Cameo & looks like you've mastered yours.

  4. I want to be like you with the Cameo someday Master Denni! ;) So Pretty!