May 22, 2012

Graduation Card

Some day, some year, I'm gonna remember how busy the month of May is and I will start my projects BEFORE May, lol!  But alas, it was not meant to be THIS year.  So last minute I was scrambling making a graduation card.  I ran out of time and the "2012" banner just wasn't happening so instead I just have this cute Dustin Pike digi jumping for joy.

And on the way to the graduation ceremony I realized that I hadn't taken a pic of it yet, so while hubby was driving down what seemed like the bumpiest road ever, I quickly pulled it out of the envie and took this pic on my lap.  But ain't my dress purty?  LOL!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hello Denni, great card and I hope you had fun at the ceremony!

  2. Congratulations to the graduate!

    Great card!

  3. Boy am I behind! :) Ya just gotta love Dustin! Yes and it is a very purdy dress! ;)