June 30, 2012

Wedding Love Birds

I finally tried an all white card. 

I know - ME?!  No color?!  But I LOVE color. 

And now I LOVE all white too.  It's amazing how a little simple texture can be so pretty.

And you already know I LOVE Sylvia Zet's digis, ahhhhhhhhh so pretty and perfect and fun to color. 

I kind of fell asleep while watching TV last night when I was supposed to be finishing this, oops.  But when I woke up I jumped right in and put it all together.  And get this peeps - that is NOT a Gepetto bow!  It is a mid-air, first-try, 3-in-the-morning bow!  I know!  I know!  More CRAZY!  It just doesn't stop, LOL!!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi there Denni
    Are you sure you've not done this before - because it is fabulous my friend.
    Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

  2. Gorgeous wedding card! Are you sure that isn't a Gepetto bow? It is perfect!