July 15, 2012

Cranky Old Lady

That is the nicest way I can put it.  My witchy cat Willow is just plain ornery.  She rarely wants to be pet, and when she does she changes her mind so fast that she gives no warning and lashes out at you.  Just cranky to the core.

Today for some crazy reason she decided to climb up on hubby as we were on the sofa relaxing.  He was brave and let her stay, and although she started to purr (which never happens) she sat there frozen and giving me a deep glaring evil look.  I just had to jump up and take a pic.  She didn't give me the same intensity after I had my camera in hand but I caught this one:

I laugh so hard looking at her giving me those eyes.  She is just one unamused and ornery cat.  And this is the happiest that she gets, lol!

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  1. This is why I'm afraid of cats! I don't know anyone else who says that, LOL.

  2. Since having Ben I have developed an allergy to cats which is wierd bearing in mind I used to work in a cattery as a teenager!!

    So I stick to Westie's now :0)

    Your puddy tat has an awesome expression!


  3. She so deserves to be on the i can has cheeseburger site. I would love to see what people would say she is saying. LOL! ;)

  4. I'll never forget when I met her! She rubbed up against my leg and I bent down to pet her and you yelled "Don't touch her!!!" That was my first contact with sweet little Willow!

  5. LOL Deb! As I recall you told me I was crazy thinking she was evil, then she bit you didn't she?? lol!

    Well Darby used me as a chew toy when I met him so I guess we are even...

  6. Poor Willow, we've got our eyes on you!