July 17, 2012


Tonight I was out watering my tomato plants and I found the biggest, fattest, ickiest caterpillars ever!  I've only seen Tomato Hornworms a couple times before, but they were much smaller.  These bad boys though, ohmygosh they were HUGE!  The makes-your-skin-crawl kind of huge.

I went running into the house for my camera (of course) and asked my hubby what I could use to pick up a caterpillar with because I didn't want to use my hands.  He looked at me like he was confused and/or I was nuts.  I tried to explain their size (and the big spike on their butts) but I think he thought I was exaggerating.  Being the good hubby that he is though, he put down his laptop, grabbed some gloves and came outside to rescue me.  My hero.

You should have seen his reaction when he saw them - I wish I had taken a picture of that, LOL!  He couldn't believe it.  And he actually had to struggle to pull them off the plants because those buggers are strong.

Yikes these guys give me the creeps.  I can't believe I didn't see them on my plants sooner, and now I'm kind of nervous to be reaching into the plants picking next time.  Maybe I'll wear my oven mitts that go up to my elbows.  **Shiver!!**

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  1. Oh Denni, I'm going to have nightmares now!! Euwww is right! God made some amazing creatures, but I'd rather respect them from afar, like in a documentary on TV!

  2. oh Kara Lynn I'm so sorry! First I scare you with my cat, now my garden bugs - I promise to post something sweet and happy next time, lol!!

  3. Yikes! You'd hear me screaming from across the Atlantic if I saw one of those in my garden!!

  4. Hi Denni!

    Yikes! These gives me shivers, they look really scary!

    Just found your blog and I have to tell you I love your creations!
    You are very talented, look forward to follow you :)


  5. Um....ewwww! I have never seen these guys. Will have to watch out in my garden now!

  6. I'd rather see one of those than a SNAKE!!! He looks like Heimlich in It's a Bugs Life.