August 28, 2012

Back To School Bouquet

I thought if my daughter had a little something to give her new second grade teacher that it might help calm her nerves about the first day of school.  But of course I didn't think of this until the day before school started so it had to be something simple, easy and quick.  I love giving gifts that are practical and fun (and what teacher doesn't need supplies!) and I found the perfect inspiration here.

I already had the pencils from stocking up at back to school sales and the tomato paste can was in my "oh I'm gonna need this someday" stash so we were ready to make our flowers. 

She had so much fun assembling and arranging the flowers.  And rearranging them, several times, lol!  Then we tucked in a small card with a little "Welcome Back" note inside that she signed and I think she finally felt so much better about the first day.

Now if they can just survive the rainy day trip in her backpack to school today, lol!

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August 25, 2012

Happy Dancing in Stilettos!

Ok, so No, I am not actually happy dancing in the stilettos but I am happy dancing because of one.  Kenzie Daley asked me to do a tutorial for assembling her super cute Platform Stiletto design from the Silhouette Online Store.  And I couldn't be more thrilled!

The design includes the base shoe and accent pieces to line the shoe (and cover the assembly tabs).  For my shoe I decided to change the color of the bottom sole and inside heel to red because who doesn't love a pair of Louboutins?  LOL! 

(click on pictures for more detail)

To start, glue the two shoe sides together at the toe.  If you are using textured cardstock or patterned paper be sure the tab is glued on the underside so it won't show.

Next fold all the tabs on the bottom edges (toward the back/wrong side of your paper if using textured or patterned)

Next, attach the sides to the sole.  This might be easier if the sole is first curved into shape a bit.  I just gently ran it over the table edge to give it a little curve.  Again be aware with textures or patterns that the right side will be facing out.

Start with the straight back edge of the sole and attache a few tabs of one of the shoe sides at a time.  I used Scotch's Quick-Dry Tacky Adhesive (lovvvvve this stuff!!) so it went pretty quick.  Just take your time lining it all up because if you are too far off then the other end of the shoe side won't match up properly.

(looks like the bottom jaw of a dino, eh?  LOL!)

Next, attach the back of the shoe.  I glued the bottom tab first and then attached one side at a time, again only a few tabs at once to be sure I could keep it all lined up neatly.

Starting to really take form now!

This is where I think I would change the next step that I did.  It works either way but it might be a bit easier if the inside linings are added at this point, before the top of the shoe is attached.  But I added the top next and then just tucked the side linings in later and it all worked fine.

To add the top you need to pinch the toe to form a rounded V.  I only glued the middle few tabs to get the toe point started and then I worked my way up one side and then the other.

To form the stiletto heel you need to attach the four pieces along their sides. 

Then glue the tiny tabs to form a funnel shaped top.

Fold the top tabs inwards and glue them to the bottom of the shoe, aligning the edge to the back edge of the shoe sole.

If you did not attach the inside linings yet, this is next.  I added the sides first, then the sole (again curving it a bit into shape before attaching) and then the back lining. 

Ain't she purdy?!!  Ready to use as-is, or embellish any way you fancy. 

Kenzie you rock these 3D's!!!!  Thank you again for letting me be part of your team!  I had so much fun with this design, but it has already been confiscated by my six year old - and she desperately wants to try it on, eeeeek!!!

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August 20, 2012

The Lorax

My little one loves Dr. Seuss and she colored this picture for her big sister's birthday.
I wanted to steal it so badly!

It just makes me smile.

August 19, 2012

Party Cake!

Kids just don't listen to their moms.  I told her when she was born that I wanted her to always be my little sweetie and never get older than five.  But did she listen?  NO.  She went ahead and grew up and now my little sweetie is TWENTY-ONE!!  Ugh!!

*Sigh* ....what can you do?...

....well.... you can have a party!!  woohoo!!!

So I invited the Penny Black gang to help celebrate! 

I don't think my little one is going to listen any better than her big sister did so I may need to save these decorations for future use.
...another big *Sigh*...

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August 18, 2012

Gramma's Buttons

My oldest daughter's Grandmother passed away a year ago, and while sorting out her belongings my daughter came across a large tin filled with a zillion loose buttons.  She didn't have anything to use the buttons for so she gave the tin to me knowing I would find lots of use for them.

There were huge ones, tiny ones, so many different colors and styles, just a zillion I tell ya.  I'm not sure how much of the collection had originally been purchased for sewing projects, but I do know that some were very old and that she must have saved every single button that ever came with an item of clothing in her life - because I spent hours emptying out little itty bitty envelopes and plastic baggies with those, lol!

My daughter was her Gramma's only grandchild and the two of them had always been very close.  I wanted to use the buttons for something I could give back to my daughter as a keepsake and I remembered a swap friend had once made a beautiful frame using buttons and I knew right away that it would be perfect.

I painted a cork lined frame white and like a puzzle I fitted as many buttons as I could manage.  I only used flat buttons with holes except for some pastel sea shell ones.  My daughter is going for a beachy theme in her new apartment so I had to use those.  My eyes were going buggy from staring at buttons all day and I know I drove my scrappy friends at our crop craaazy too from asking for a "fresh eye" - thank you again scrappy peeps!!

When I had it all set I poured mod podge over everything and held my breath for a week while waiting and hoping it would all dry clear.  I found out that there's a mod podge product made exactly for this kind of purpose and next time I will use that, but this time I used what I had and the regular stuff actually worked pretty good, phew!!  A little cloudy but overall I am very happy with the end result.  I also added some touches of white crackle paint to spots after it was all dried.

My daughter opened the frame today and she loved it.  Right away she pointed out some Talbot's buttons, commenting how that was Gramma's favorite store, and then she had the biggest smile. 

Now, so do I. 

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August 17, 2012

Birthday Wishes

As much as I would like to, I can not live in the land of denial any longer - my daughter is turning 21 tomorrow. 


How did that happen?!?!!  lol!!

She's been decorating her new apartment at school with peackocks so I thought I'd use one on her card and put my Cameo to work using some designs from the Silhouete Online Store: a gorgeous Hero Arts peacock, a pretty doily design by Jennifer Wambach, and a sentiment also by Hero Arts.  I can't believe how well it all cut.  Look at how thin and delicate that "y" is!!  WOW!!

Of course every girl loves a little bling so I added some lime colored rhinestones to the feathers and a little crackle glaze to the photo corners.

Well I survived potty training and driver training with her, so I suppose I'll survive the legal drinking age too.  I just hope she doesn't feel the need to "train" too hard for that one though!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

August 15, 2012

Belated Birthday Greetings for my Long Distance Buddie

I saw this Mo Manning image and knew right away it was perfect for you Deb!  ...or for me?  It is perfectly US, lol!! 

I'm sorry it's late.  You know it is all your mom's fault though don't ya?  See if she had waited a couple more weeks for you to be born then my kids would be back in school on your birthdays and I'd have half a chance of being on time with my cards.  See?!!  LOL!!  Just kiddin' sweetie!  Maybe think of it as me making your celebration last longer - that works, right?

MWL buddie!


August 13, 2012

Puppy Love Anniversary Card

I have an official crafting partner!!  My 6 year old has decided she should decorate the insides of the cards I make.  I love it!!


She also said she should be the one to do all the Stickles.  Um, No.  LOL!!  I do love my bling but I've seen this girl in action with her own glitter and it scares me!!

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August 9, 2012

Chasing Sunsets

I'mmmm BaaaAAAAaack!!  Did you miss me?  LOL!

Still trying to settle back into routine after vacation (and catch up with all the sandy laundry) and just taking a quick minute to post a couple pics.

On the way back from dinner one night we saw the sunset peeking through some trees and hubby decided we should go chase it down.  The sun was setting fast but he knew the area a little bit and thought there was a cove we could get to in time - and we made it! 






The colors were absolutely amazing!  Good hubby!!!

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