August 15, 2012

Belated Birthday Greetings for my Long Distance Buddie

I saw this Mo Manning image and knew right away it was perfect for you Deb!  ...or for me?  It is perfectly US, lol!! 

I'm sorry it's late.  You know it is all your mom's fault though don't ya?  See if she had waited a couple more weeks for you to be born then my kids would be back in school on your birthdays and I'd have half a chance of being on time with my cards.  See?!!  LOL!!  Just kiddin' sweetie!  Maybe think of it as me making your celebration last longer - that works, right?

MWL buddie!



  1. YAY!! And I love it! And I especially love "MWL"!! Better late than never my mom always said.

  2. Yup, perfect stamp for the two of you and the card came out gorgeous! Love that paper!