August 18, 2012

Gramma's Buttons

My oldest daughter's Grandmother passed away a year ago, and while sorting out her belongings my daughter came across a large tin filled with a zillion loose buttons.  She didn't have anything to use the buttons for so she gave the tin to me knowing I would find lots of use for them.

There were huge ones, tiny ones, so many different colors and styles, just a zillion I tell ya.  I'm not sure how much of the collection had originally been purchased for sewing projects, but I do know that some were very old and that she must have saved every single button that ever came with an item of clothing in her life - because I spent hours emptying out little itty bitty envelopes and plastic baggies with those, lol!

My daughter was her Gramma's only grandchild and the two of them had always been very close.  I wanted to use the buttons for something I could give back to my daughter as a keepsake and I remembered a swap friend had once made a beautiful frame using buttons and I knew right away that it would be perfect.

I painted a cork lined frame white and like a puzzle I fitted as many buttons as I could manage.  I only used flat buttons with holes except for some pastel sea shell ones.  My daughter is going for a beachy theme in her new apartment so I had to use those.  My eyes were going buggy from staring at buttons all day and I know I drove my scrappy friends at our crop craaazy too from asking for a "fresh eye" - thank you again scrappy peeps!!

When I had it all set I poured mod podge over everything and held my breath for a week while waiting and hoping it would all dry clear.  I found out that there's a mod podge product made exactly for this kind of purpose and next time I will use that, but this time I used what I had and the regular stuff actually worked pretty good, phew!!  A little cloudy but overall I am very happy with the end result.  I also added some touches of white crackle paint to spots after it was all dried.

My daughter opened the frame today and she loved it.  Right away she pointed out some Talbot's buttons, commenting how that was Gramma's favorite store, and then she had the biggest smile. 

Now, so do I. 

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  1. Wow, did this come out purdy, all of your stressing over the fresh eye, it was worth it! What a treasure.

  2. It must have been my one eagle eye ;) that made the difference, this came out beautifully. What a wonderful momento to remember her Grandmother by.