August 25, 2012

Happy Dancing in Stilettos!

Ok, so No, I am not actually happy dancing in the stilettos but I am happy dancing because of one.  Kenzie Daley asked me to do a tutorial for assembling her super cute Platform Stiletto design from the Silhouette Online Store.  And I couldn't be more thrilled!

The design includes the base shoe and accent pieces to line the shoe (and cover the assembly tabs).  For my shoe I decided to change the color of the bottom sole and inside heel to red because who doesn't love a pair of Louboutins?  LOL! 

(click on pictures for more detail)

To start, glue the two shoe sides together at the toe.  If you are using textured cardstock or patterned paper be sure the tab is glued on the underside so it won't show.

Next fold all the tabs on the bottom edges (toward the back/wrong side of your paper if using textured or patterned)

Next, attach the sides to the sole.  This might be easier if the sole is first curved into shape a bit.  I just gently ran it over the table edge to give it a little curve.  Again be aware with textures or patterns that the right side will be facing out.

Start with the straight back edge of the sole and attache a few tabs of one of the shoe sides at a time.  I used Scotch's Quick-Dry Tacky Adhesive (lovvvvve this stuff!!) so it went pretty quick.  Just take your time lining it all up because if you are too far off then the other end of the shoe side won't match up properly.

(looks like the bottom jaw of a dino, eh?  LOL!)

Next, attach the back of the shoe.  I glued the bottom tab first and then attached one side at a time, again only a few tabs at once to be sure I could keep it all lined up neatly.

Starting to really take form now!

This is where I think I would change the next step that I did.  It works either way but it might be a bit easier if the inside linings are added at this point, before the top of the shoe is attached.  But I added the top next and then just tucked the side linings in later and it all worked fine.

To add the top you need to pinch the toe to form a rounded V.  I only glued the middle few tabs to get the toe point started and then I worked my way up one side and then the other.

To form the stiletto heel you need to attach the four pieces along their sides. 

Then glue the tiny tabs to form a funnel shaped top.

Fold the top tabs inwards and glue them to the bottom of the shoe, aligning the edge to the back edge of the shoe sole.

If you did not attach the inside linings yet, this is next.  I added the sides first, then the sole (again curving it a bit into shape before attaching) and then the back lining. 

Ain't she purdy?!!  Ready to use as-is, or embellish any way you fancy. 

Kenzie you rock these 3D's!!!!  Thank you again for letting me be part of your team!  I had so much fun with this design, but it has already been confiscated by my six year old - and she desperately wants to try it on, eeeeek!!!

Thanks for visiting!


  1. this is simply adorable!! thank you for doing the tutorial, now I feel ready to put this baby together:-)

  2. I couldn't wait, I had to sneak ahead to the end to see how your silletto's turned out - amazing!! Great job! No wonder the little one plucked it for her own!

  3. Hi, i love your shoe, its stunning. Im all new with the silhouette cameo and i have questions to some info about cutting the shoe.
    1st) how do you separate the outer part and the inner liner part from each other so that it cut's on 2 different paper.
    2)if i want the shoe to be bigger than normal size, how do i adjust each part to fit the at the end. I cant seem to find ANY video on doing this. I also have a problem in assembling the 6 point star box that i have purchased from silhouette online store, where can i get instructions to assemble silhouette 3d boxes.

  4. Thank you Yolande! And welcome to the world of Silhouette!

    There are some great tips and tricks on the Silhouette America website that I think you will find helpful:

    In their FAQ's they have some simple steps to explain how to ungroup and resize:

    "If you wish to cut an image out in multiple layers, you may be able to do so with select images by performing the following steps.

    1. Select your image after you have sized it to your liking so that the selection box surrounds your image

    2. Click on the "Ungroup" button OR right-click on the image and select "Ungroup"

    3. Click outside of the shape so that the entire shape is no longer selected

    4. Click on any desired line in your image you wish to alter or move.

    You can now move parts of the iamge off onto the inactive grey area and simply but those parts you want to keep in your first selected color. Continue on by then moving to the next selection of image parts for your other color(s) of paper and place them into the active cutting area to cut."

    I hope that helps!
    I can take a peek at the star box too if I know which one you are working with. Can you email me the link to the design on the Silhouette Online Store site so I can see which one you are working with?

    Enjoy your new machine!

  5. oh and one more helpful tip:
    when resizing a group of objects be sure they are all selected at the same time (or still grouped)and stretch them all together so the proportions will be correct.

  6. Thank you Denni,i appreciate your help. I assembled the shoe and it is stunning. I have sent you the email regarding the 3d 3 point star box from silhouette online store. Thanks again, blessings to you and your family.

  7. sorry, not 3point, but 6point star box...hehe

  8. I am so glad you did this tutorial! I wish the file had instructions with it or at least a link to this. I cut out the pieces and was totally baffeled as to how to put it together!

  9. Hi, great tutorial! I love your finished project that trim is adorable! It makes me almost want to wear it!

  10. Your tutorial is wonderful and instructive. Your final embellishments are clever and beautiful. No wonder your princess wants to see if it fits!

  11. What size is this shoe? I can't get over how stunning it is. You did a superb job!

  12. Thanks for the help of putting the shoe together. I have always wanted to make one and finally bought my cameo last weekend. Thanks again for TX Panhandle

  13. OMG!! I could not have made this without your help and excellent tutorial photos! Blogger buds like you are so special..THANKS! Your shoe is beautiful and I had to have Louboutins as well!
    I'm very new to Cameo and of course like a jerk, I started with a difficult cutting design!
    Hope you stop by and say HI
    Creative Wishes
    Claire S

  14. Claire, I'm glad this helped - hang in there, the Cameo will be your best friend soon enough! ;)