September 30, 2012

Kirigami Birthday Card

I LOVE paper architecture and kirigami.  I dare you to google those terms and not be amazed too by what you find.  Recently I stumbled across an image of a design that I knew would be perfect for a card I was working on for a special peep's special birthday.  But no matter how many searches I did, I just couldn't find a template anywhere.  So I decided to twist my brain in knots and give it my best shot designing it myself.  Ow.  It sure did twist my brain in knots, but after a few weeks of tinkering with it I came up with this prototype:

Pretty cool, eh?!!  I was soooo thrilled!  And this is the card that I made using the design:

Hee hee!!

I designed the cutting files for both the pop-up and the candles using my Silhouette Studio.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Cameo??  lol!  The front of the card has a Lettering Delights cake design from the Silhouette Online Store that I modified slightly, colored in using Silhouette Studio and then printed to my printer.  I chose to print it because I didn't want to add more layers of cardstock by piecing it since the card was already so thick from the kirigami folds that I had to use a ribbon to tie it all shut.

Happy Birthday to my Scrappy Peep -I hope you had an extra special day!

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September 20, 2012

Springy Pumpkin Tutorial

Hey peeps!  Back again with another tutorial for Kenzie Daley & Snapdragon Snippets!

This time I am playing with the Springy Pumpkin. 

click on images for detail

The design file includes 3 pieces:

To start you need to take the piece that forms the pumpkin loops and tuck the arrow tabs on the short side into the slots on the other short side.  (I folded the edges of the arrow so that it would tuck into the tab and then I unfolded them so that they would not slip out:

Glue the tabs in place.  I also used a little glue on the ends of the overlap edge to make sure things stayed together.

This forms a tube.  Be sure the glue is dry before going to the next step.

To create the pumpkin, twist the end with two arrow tabs and the end with the two slots toward each other, and tuck tabs into place.  This opens up the loops and forms the rounded shape.

Glue the tabs.

Next, take the piece for the stem and accordion fold it.  Then glue the tabbed end to create a star shaped stem:

Just tuck the stem inside the pumpkin, curl the remaining vine piece by wrapping it around a pencil or paintbrush handle and glue - Voila!

Have fun creating your own crop of pumpkins!

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September 13, 2012

It's been a bit "Batty" at my house!

Just a quickie post to let you know what "fun" I've been having...

My laptop was very ill lately: feeling way too full, painfully sluggish, making all sorts of awful sounds, and freezing or crashing regularly.  I tried everything I could for a couple weeks to fix her up but when she refused to let me stay on my Google Reader page to check my favorite blogs, well that was the last straw.  She just did not feel well.  So this past weekend I ended up wiping out her hard drive and starting over.  After a few days of holding my breath while reinstalling dozens of programs, and tweaking thousands of settings, and watching a couple hundred Windows Update progress bars & restarts, I think she's finally happy & all better.  Everything appears to be playing nicely together again, YAHOOIEEE!!

Best part is that today my Silhouette Studio and Cameo are up and running again!  They worked so perfectly before and I was worried something would go horribly wrong this time and I might have troubles, but 'twas easy peasy and I'm a cutting fool again!  I LOVE my Cameo!!!!

Now to catch up with 387 blog posts in Google Reader.....gosh you all have been busy!

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September 2, 2012

6 Point Star Box Tutorial

I received a request from a fellow Cameo user to do a tutorial for the 6 Point Star Box by Kenzie Daley and Snapdragon Snippets.  No need to twist my arm to make me play with my Cameo unexpectedly, lol!!

So here's what I came up with:

And here is how I did it:

The design file includes the box bottom & top, and also accent pieces in case you want to embellish it a bit.

(click on images for more detail)

Creating the Box Top:
The two star shapes are slightly different in size - the larger one is the box top.

Fold the tabs of the larger star shape and accordion fold the thin strips which will form the sides of the box top.

You could attach the two thin strips together first, but I chose to work with just one at a time.  I started by gluing tabs from the star piece to the middle of one of the strips and then worked my way out.  I left the tab on the end and the last section on the other end unattached.

Then I glued the square end of the second strip (not the tab end) over the tab of the first strip, and then attached both to the star tab. 

Work your way around and attach the tab at the end of the strip under the section that was left unattached from the first strip, then glue to the final star tab.

Box Bottom:
Assemble this the same way as the top, using the smaller star and the wider strips.

Again, you can either attach both of the wide strips together first or work with them one at a time.

And you now have a cute box!


Add your accent pieces and now you have a super cute box!

And if you add flowers, a butterfly and some glitter, you now have a super cute box that is worthy of being stolen by your six year old as soon as you turn your back, lol!!

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