September 30, 2012

Kirigami Birthday Card

I LOVE paper architecture and kirigami.  I dare you to google those terms and not be amazed too by what you find.  Recently I stumbled across an image of a design that I knew would be perfect for a card I was working on for a special peep's special birthday.  But no matter how many searches I did, I just couldn't find a template anywhere.  So I decided to twist my brain in knots and give it my best shot designing it myself.  Ow.  It sure did twist my brain in knots, but after a few weeks of tinkering with it I came up with this prototype:

Pretty cool, eh?!!  I was soooo thrilled!  And this is the card that I made using the design:

Hee hee!!

I designed the cutting files for both the pop-up and the candles using my Silhouette Studio.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my Cameo??  lol!  The front of the card has a Lettering Delights cake design from the Silhouette Online Store that I modified slightly, colored in using Silhouette Studio and then printed to my printer.  I chose to print it because I didn't want to add more layers of cardstock by piecing it since the card was already so thick from the kirigami folds that I had to use a ribbon to tie it all shut.

Happy Birthday to my Scrappy Peep -I hope you had an extra special day!

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  1. Your card is absolutely brilliant and fabulous too.

  2. This was one of the most amazing cards I have ever seen! ;)

  3. Denni, WOW! That looks like a lot of work but well worth it since it came out AWESOME!!!



  4. What an amazing job you have done!

  5. Pictures just does not do this card justice. How you plotted out ALL those candles, and yes, I counted each one. It's hard to count that high!

    Thank you for designing such a beautiful card for my birthday. Your talent and creativity just amazes me. :) I feel blessed that the card was for me!

  6. The most awsome birthday card I have ever seen :) Can I buy the design at Silhouette Online Store? I just love it and would like to make one for my friend.

    I love your other crafts too :)

    Karin Gehlin from Sweden

  7. Thank you everyone!

    I created the inside pop up design in Silhouette Studio - if you send me an email I would be happy to share it with you! (see tab at top of my blog)


  8. OOOhh I'm gonna have to ask you for pointers once my Sil Studio is up and running again :)

  9. hi i am really interested about your kirigami, can you share the pdf or printed version? thankyou so muchhh