September 20, 2012

Springy Pumpkin Tutorial

Hey peeps!  Back again with another tutorial for Kenzie Daley & Snapdragon Snippets!

This time I am playing with the Springy Pumpkin. 

click on images for detail

The design file includes 3 pieces:

To start you need to take the piece that forms the pumpkin loops and tuck the arrow tabs on the short side into the slots on the other short side.  (I folded the edges of the arrow so that it would tuck into the tab and then I unfolded them so that they would not slip out:

Glue the tabs in place.  I also used a little glue on the ends of the overlap edge to make sure things stayed together.

This forms a tube.  Be sure the glue is dry before going to the next step.

To create the pumpkin, twist the end with two arrow tabs and the end with the two slots toward each other, and tuck tabs into place.  This opens up the loops and forms the rounded shape.

Glue the tabs.

Next, take the piece for the stem and accordion fold it.  Then glue the tabbed end to create a star shaped stem:

Just tuck the stem inside the pumpkin, curl the remaining vine piece by wrapping it around a pencil or paintbrush handle and glue - Voila!

Have fun creating your own crop of pumpkins!

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Really cute Denni. I'm gonna give this one a try.