October 10, 2012


Looks who is haunting my fireplace today!

My daughters and I had fun making these this weekend.  Hubby didn't want to help, he just watched as we worked on them and kept asking "why are we making these??"  LOL!  After they were done he finally saw why - cause they are just too stinkin cute, that's why!

There are several ways to make these and we combined a couple methods for ours.  For the frame we took tall drinking glasses, tucked wire pipe cleaners across the open tops and extended them out to the sides to create the frame for the "arms", then placed a small balloon on top of the glasses.  Next we cut pieces of cheese cloth, soaked them in liquid starch, squeezed out the excess and draped the cloth over the balloons, tucking here and there until we liked the shape.  My older daughter and her boyfriend went for the flowy "movement" and left some of the bottom swept to the side, I chose to keep mine a bit more upright, and my youngest decided that hers was going to hang in her room so we put it on a tall jar to keep the bottom of the cloth from touching the counter as it dried.

After a few hours they were dry and we added cardstock eyes to all of them, but my little one insisted that hers needed a smile too - "because it is a happy ghost", lol!  She sure has her own ideas when it comes to crafting!

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