October 11, 2012

Spooky Shadow Box

When I saw Lori Whitlock's shadow box designs show up in the Silhouette Online Store a while ago, I snagged every single one.  But I hadn't tried making any of them until this week.  I decided to make one with a Halloween theme for my six year old and I asked her help me pick out which designs she wanted me to use.  Turns out that I need a shadow box with 100 cubbies to fit everything she wanted, but we finally managed to narrow it down and this is what we came up with:

These boxes have soooo much potential.  I can see making one for every holiday - using pop-dots and 3D elements... the possibilities are endless!  They do take a little time to assemble, but the pieces are designed so well and are very easy to work with so it's worth every minute.  I just love them!!

Here are the designs we used: 

"3D Shadow Box (1 of 3)" - Lori Whitlock
"3D Shadow Box (2 of 3)" - Lori Whitlock
"3D Shadow Box (3 of 3)" - Lori Whitlock
"Witch Hat" - Lori Whitlock
"Owl on Branch" - Loni Stevens
"Flourish Haunted House" - Lori Whitlock
"3 Halloween Bat Set" - Lori Whitlock
"5 clouds" - Lori Whitlock
"Magic Cauldron" - Megan Hardy
"4-Piece Witch Boot" - Lori Whitlock
"Pumpkins on Fence Silhouette" - Sarah Bailey
"Halloween Spider" - Lori Whitlock
"Spooky Halloween Set" - Lori Whitlock
"Happy Halloween Phrase" - Kristen Magee
"Happy Halloween" - Samantha Walker

(did you notice how much 'Lori' is in that list?  My little princess sure has good taste!)

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  1. Got to try one of these. ;) Adorable!

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