November 3, 2012

Double Sliding Card

I love interactive cards.  It's kind of like giving someone an unexpected fun little surprise when they open one.  This month I decided to try a double sliding design - it was so much easier than I expected.

The card base is a Silhouette design by Lori Whitlock, the underwater scene is by Sarah Bailey, and the party fish (shark, fish, whale, crab) are by Lettering Delights.  The font is called LD Happy, also by Lori Whitlock.

How fun is that?!!  I made four of these for four special birthday girls, all whom I know will smile - when they finally figure out how to open their card, lol! 

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  1. Your ingenuity, sense of humour and creativity ....... wow!!

  2. Think you need to do a tutorial on this! Adorable! ;)

  3. Adorable as always! I used those fish for a card the other day, but it didn't turn out even close to as cute as this! Nice work!

  4. Really REALLY cute!! (as usual)

  5. This is a really cute card!!