December 31, 2014

Gingerbread House Gift Box

My teenage niece wanted some spending cash for Christmas so I decided to have a little fun with how I would give it to her, and I decided to make a big gingerbread house gift box.

This is from the Happy Holidays SVG Kit by SVG Cuts.  The papers I used were already glittered and I only added a couple bits of extra bling and popped accents because I wasn't sure if my niece would even want to keep it.  But right after she received it, I saw her taking a pic of it with her phone and sending it to someone - so I guess she loved it!

It was really easy to assemble and the design even includes interior panels to give it a neat and finished look.

I tucked in a gift card and some cash, but for the cash part I couldn't resist having a bit more fun and so I made another money rosette like I did here.

She'll have to work a bit to unwire the bills before she can go shopping, heehee!!

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December 29, 2014

Candy Cane House

What a busy Christmas season it has been this year.  We had a Spy/Detective themed birthday party for my youngest, did some major organizing around the house, lots of volunteering at school, holiday baking and crafting, not to mention several family get-togethers.  All good stuff, but wow I'm exhausted!  My oldest headed back home this afternoon (with her boyfriend and three puppies in a car for a 15 hour ride - yikes!) and things are finally starting to settle down again.  Time to catch up on some blog posts!

I've been having so much fun with SVG Cuts files and, although I love my Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software, I recently purchased Sure Cuts Alot to use specifically with svg files.  I like to cut my score lines using a lower blade setting so that the cuts blend better in the folds, but SSDE doesn't make it easy since the layering doesn't hold when you import the files.  I end up having to break up all the design parts, pick out the score lines and change their color so that when I send the file to my Cameo I can cut by color and control the cut settings that way.  But with SCAL I can just drop the designs into the software and start cutting by layers right away, super easy and fast!

And super easy and fast was key these last few weeks!  Here's a quick and easy and fun little SVG Cuts Candy Cane House that I made for my daughter:

Isn't it "sweet"?!!!  (sorry, I couldn't resist, lol!)

I hope you all had a great holiday season and were able to spend some time with family and friends.  And I hope you were busy with some crafty projects too!

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November 20, 2014

Operation "Sneaky Turkey"

I've been so busy (and under the weather) lately that I haven't been able to do much crafting, but tis the season for hand-made gifts so I NEED to get busy, and quick!

I adore my daughter's 4th grade teacher.  So much so, that I am already dreading June and the end of the school year.  She is one of those rare and special people that has been teaching for many (30+) years, and who still lights up when she is around the kids.  There's a twinkle in her eye when she talks about them and to them.  She absolutely LOVES her job.  And in all the craziness of today's pace of teaching, and testing, and assessments, she has found a calming balance where she can enjoy each day and enable the kids to enjoy it right along with her.  She's amazing and a true gem.

She also loves fun, crafty things, so I quickly made up a big 20" turkey decoration to put on her door for Thanksgiving - but I wanted to surprise her with it.  I snuck over to the classroom door, which was closed, peeked through the window and saw that the kids were all sitting in a circle working quietly on a group activity, which meant that I couldn't open the door without being seen.  I figured I'd get the turkey ready for hanging and see what they were up to when it was ready.  I sat in the hall putting tons of tape on the back of it to make sure that it wouldn't fall off the door, and when it was ready I peeked inside again and saw that the kids were all up and about, getting back to their desks - and I saw my opportunity!  While on my knees so that I would be kid-height and "blend in", I opened the door just enough to sneak my arm and head inside and I quickly slapped the turkey on - but when the kids saw me their faces got bright and they started to call out my name.  I quickly gave them the "shhhhhhhh!" sign, and gosh, you should have seen how much brighter their faces got when they realized we were being sneaky, lol!  I finished securing the turkey and as I slithered out of the door I could hear soft and squeaky little kid giggles behind me.  It took the teacher about an hour before she saw it, so Operation Sneaky Turkey was a success!

My next stop was the Principal's office.  I figured it would be fun to surprise her and the office staff with a funny turkey too.  But her door was open, and I could hear her working just inside the doorway out of view.  I figured I'd give it my best attempt and, on my knees again, I tried to keep my body back and out of sight while stretching my arms as far as I could to reach the door to stick the turkey in place.  But I heard giggling start, and I was caught in the act by the Principal and the secretary.  Oh well, good attempt, lol!

I didn't take any pics of the turkeys before heading to school, but I snapped a quick cell phone pic on my way out of the Principal's office.  He ended up hanging a bit off center and crooked, but he's so stinking cute nobody will care!

Isn't he adorable?!!  It's a new Silhouette Design Store file by Sarah Bailey.   Because I didn't have much time to play with the design, I kept him simple but made him huge!

Trying to be sneaky was fun and I think I'm gonna give it another try next month, maybe with some cute and fun snowmen scattered around the school?  Maybe I can pop one up each day?  It would be a fun hunt for "Where's the New Snowman Today?" as the kids come in down the hall each morning!  Hee hee!

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September 8, 2014

A Not-So-Scary Scarecrow

The design for this little fella was just too cute to resist.  He's part of the Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit by SVG Cuts, and he was also the perfect chance for me to finally use my new French Country papers from Graphic 45, yay!


There are so many little ways you can dress this guy up.  I had fun adding some buttons and sunflowers, a few patches on his clothes and hat, and a little bit of lace trim for a fancy collar (bet you won't see that on a real scarecrow!).  The banner seemed to be missing something so I tried some Fantastic Glaze & Glue by CraftFantastic to give a little dimensional shine.  Cool stuff!

It was really hard to stop tinkering with him once I started.  I think that is my favorite part of a project - the part where all the big work is done, and all that is left is the unplanned little detail touches that bring it all together.

When he was done, I decided to give him to the ladies that work in the office at my daughter's school. They always greet me with such warm and happy smiles and I just wanted to do a little something back for them.  You should have seen those smiles when I delivered him!  :)

And a funny thing happened when I was taking pictures of the scarecrow - a hummingbird moth (who had been busy working the flowers nearby) suddenly got curious and decided to take a peek at my little scarecrow - just as I was snapping a pic.  Photo bomb!  LOL!

I figured if he was hamming it up for the camera then I'd try to get a some pictures, but those buggers are fast!  I did manage to get a couple though. 

Aren't Nature's creatures fascinating?!

So, now I know that a scarecrow might scare a crow, but it doesn't necessarily scare a hummingbird moth.  ;)

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August 27, 2014

Back To School Pencil Box for the Teacher

So today is yet another "how did THAT happen?!" day in my house.  My little princess started back to school this morning as a 4th grader.  Wow.  I know I say it every year but gosh, time flies!

We love to send in a little something to the new teacher each year and I usually try to include some kind of classroom supply that I know will be needed.  This year we wanted to send in pencils, so I was looking for a creative way to package them and check out the cute box design we found from SVG Cuts in their  School Days SVG Kit!

The original design wasn't quite tall enough to fit our bundle of pencils so I stretched the length of the main pencil shape (the yellow) to 7" and then it fit perfectly!

I added some embossing on the shimmery silver "metal" ring to give it a little pop, and I used a cool shimmery black cardstock from Creative Memories for the pencil "lead".  Just that hint of sparkle makes it look more graphite looking.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this box!

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August 10, 2014

French Country Card... and a Bug

I finally bought the Graphic 45 French Country paper pad, and it is even prettier than it looked online! I love how G45 gives you a couple sheets of designs in these pads that are perfect for quick cards (not that I ever procrastinate and need quick....ya right lol!).  Their images are so gorgeous that you can get away with just adding a few (I added five) mats and voila! It looks good enough to frame! If I did have a bit of time though, I would love to do some fussy cutting with those sunflowers - what a "wow" factor that would be!

After finishing my card, my daughter and I headed outside, and she almost flipped out when we looked up above the window and hanging on the side of the house we saw the biggest katydid I've ever seen. This fellow is over three inches long!  I have to admit that I've never really looked one square in the face before.  They are cute when they are little and tucked in my garden plants, but big like this and up close is another story, yikes!  Lol!
He sat on the side of the house watching over us as my daughter played in the pool. Every once in a while he'd tilt his head a little, which I think might have helped to make him look a little cuter.  I'm just glad he didn't jump off onto my head when I was taking his picture!

Well, that was our excitement for the day, hope you had some fun in your backyard!

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August 9, 2014

My UPDATED Bewitched Cabin!

This was soooo fun!  I kept admiring my little SVG Cuts Bewitched Cabin after I had assembled it and posted about it here, and then one thing led to another and before I knew it my daughter was telling me to just stop because it was getting too busy.  This, coming from the princess who can use an entire bottle of glitter glue on a single card, lol!

Too busy or not, I haven't had this much fun just tinkering with a project in a long time.  I didn't have a plan on what I was going to do when I started, I just kind of let it take me in whichever direction inspiration led me at the moment.  I usually need to have at least an idea of where I'm going with something before I start, but I think that is why this was so much more fun - I threw planning to the wind and glued without caution.  Can you believe that peeps?  Did you just fall off your chairs?  LOL!

Enough rambling, here's the reveal of my renovated cabin!

I made sure to put back the pieces that my daughter had made, and then I decided that it looked so inviting I should move's my new crafting cabin!

Don't laugh, you know you want one of your own!  ;)

So I think I'm done tinkering with this for now, although I had considered adding a little sign (similar to the ones girls put on their clubhouses) stating "No Boys Allowed".   I would be sure to add "Except for Tim Holtz" on it if I did though, lol!

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August 8, 2014

Updated Bewitched Cabin Sneak Peek!

I couldn't help myself!  I LOVE the new Bewitched Cabin by SVG Cuts so much that I couldn't stop tinkering with it even after I posted it the other day.

Here's a little sneaky peeky....

I've got a full update post in the works and there's an extra little fun that I can't wait to show you......


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August 6, 2014

Bewitched Cabin

*checkout my updated cabin HERE !

I tried, I really tried.  I had pulled out a stack of black cardstock, sorted my Halloween papers all over the counter top, and had SVG Cuts' much anticipated new Haunted Forest SVG Kit downloaded and ready to cut.  But I just couldn't do it.  Nope.  It is STILL Summer.  It is STILL sticky and muggy outside.  I just can't bring myself to do Fall yet!!!  LOL!

The next best thing?  A shabby chic inspired summer version of the Bewitched Cabin!  ;)

I love the Maple Manor from last year, but I love, love, LOVE the whimsy in this house.  The swoopy roof, tree framed porch, ornate peaks, bits of picket fence and the wonky chimney are just irresistible!

I would have been happy enough to make this as just a decorative item, but not only did Mary design it as a box, she added a neatly finished interior so it could be used as a pretty gift box.  Nice.

I used the Floral K&Co paper pad by Susan Winget.  Originally I wanted to fussy cut some of the butterflies from the sheets and use them as little 3D accents, and then add some of the flowers to the back wall, but there's so much detail in the house already that it really doesn't need much extra.

And what do you think happened when I turned my back?  A little mini sized crafting sweetie decided she needed to add her own touch.  Apparently my creation was missing a much needed "Welcome" mat and friendly face to greet company, lol!

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July 30, 2014

Speedy Recovery Wishes

I made a quick card for someone who recently had a bad car accident and some surgery, and Dustin Pike's Dudley will hopefully not only bring him my wishes for a speedy recovery, but a little smile too.  He's just too cute, band-aids and all.

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July 24, 2014

Bicycle Box Card

I love making these box cards.  Up until now I've made them pretty much as they were originally designed by the artists, but this time I played a little with one - and ohmygosh these have soooo much potential!

I love this basic design by Lori Whitlock here,  but I wanted to change it up a bit, so I swapped the card base with one from SVG Cuts to get a little more of a square size with shorter and fancier box flaps.  I had to modify the two inner sections from Lori's to fit the new dimensions but it was so much easier than I expected.  I also added a picket fence (Martha Stewart punch) and some extra custom greenery layers and, oh wow!  You can have so much fun getting carried away creating your own little scene on these!

Some touches of Stickles and a few gems and it was ready for my biking peep.

Happy Birthday Mo!

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July 20, 2014

No more Empty Nest feeling

Ever since my little family of baby robins flew the coop (or the nest under my deck) I've had that sad feeling every mom has when their little ones leave home.  I used to say hi and check on them each day, and I was even there for two of their first flights.  Sigh....I miss them.

But today I got a nice treat - I was standing by the pool when all of a sudden I saw something swoop towards me, and I instantly recognized that familiar loud buzz.  A Hummingbird just missed my head!  So I grabbed my camera and a seat on a nearby chair while three of them gave me a show, taking turns (and sometimes demanding turns) at the feeder.  Heehee!  I was so excited that they finally found it!

Ain't she a beauty?!!

Baby Robin #4 just before her first (wobbly) flight

And now I have birds to keep watch over again.  Happy mom.

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July 13, 2014

Did you see it?!!

The Supermoon was sooooo bright in my yard last night.  Of course I had to grab my camera!

There are two more Supermoons coming up this year so mark your calendars and grab your cameras - August 10th and September 9th.  I'm hoping that next month I can catch it when it is low on the horizon and looking huge.  But since my house is surrounded by trees I'll have to scope out the best viewing spot in town and set up there.

Hey local peeps - wanna come along and have a Hunting Supermoon/Pic Party with me?  LOL!!!

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July 8, 2014

What's a Typewriter Mommy?

As if my recent milestone birthday wasn't enough to make me feel a bit old, this week I found myself explaining typewriters, cassette players, record players and the pre-remote control and DVR days to my little one.  Sigh....   lol!

But it's all good, and my recent project was definitely worth any personally vintage feeling that I may have been processing.  This is from the SVG Cuts Good Day at the Office kit.  I absolutely love the design of this and how easy it all goes together.  Yep, Mary just blew my mind away - AGAIN! 

I made this as a gift box for the Money Rosette that I posted a few days ago.  It fit so perfectly and was a nice hidden surprise for my mother-in-law who didn't realize the typewriter was a box to open - gosh I wish I had a video of her expression when she did, priceless!

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