March 9, 2014

Easily Amused

Remember the Ghost Cube video from the other day?   The only thing I love more than watching that kind of stuff is figuring out how that kind of stuff works - and I think I did!  I started with a more basic version to test my theory, designed the cubes in Silhouette Studio and got busy assembling.  It's tough to keep those cubes square and even but overall it worked out pretty good.  And guess who stole it as soon as she saw it....

Yup, I guess she's inherited the love of figuring out how things work too!

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  1. Oh wow Denni, this is just fab, you are a clever girl to figure it all out. Will this be going on Silhouette store by any chance as a template? xxx

    1. thank you Claveh! To make it I just designed cubes (there are dice designs in the Silhouette store that you could use too) and then hinged them at the corners with strips of paper. Have fun if you try one!