April 28, 2014

Ferris Wheel Fun!

I made this amazing SVG Cuts 14" ferris wheel for my daughter.  It seems like I'm always working on projects for others when she asks me for something for herself.  So I decided to surprise her with this - and you should have seen her eyes just about pop out of her head with excitement!

It actually wasn't very difficult, just a bit time consuming with glueing all the layers.  I love that kind of stuff though so it's all fun in my world.  Plus, I was able to catch up on a couple nights worth of dvr'd The Voice while assembling it too, lol!

So now the big decision is: will she decide to give her Littlest Pet Shop friends or her tiny stuffed animals a ride in it first?  lol!

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April 27, 2014

Sneaky Peek!

Today's post is brought to you by the What Did I Get Myself Into Club!
Over 100 pieces cut and ready for assembly....

Can you guess what I'm making?  Have you made one yourself?  I've got two bottles of glue on standby - let the fun begin!

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Disney Pals Banner

Making name banners is fun, especially when I get to add some Disney characters on one for a special peep's daughter.  I searched and found some clipart online to print out, and then fussy cut them and popped them up a bit for dimension.

Did you notice how Minnie and Mickey are giving each other that slinky look?  Or how Donald is spying Daisy?   heehee!

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April 20, 2014

Easter Sunflower Topiary

Sunflowers are not your typical spring or Easter flower but I think my mother-in-law will like them just the same.  Instead of our usual potted plant, this year we are giving her this amaaaaazing design.  It is by Jamie Lane Designs, and even though it was a little tricky to assemble it is totally worth the effort.

I tucked in some Easter "Grass" - that makes it more Spring'ish, right?  LOL!

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Happy Easter Peeps!

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April 10, 2014

Loom Band Organizing

If you have a young daughter, then she probably has one of those Rainbow Looms (or similar), and YOU probably have a zillion of those itty bitty loom bands all over your house.  Ask me how I know!  I tried to help keep them contained by getting one of the organizer cases with all the compartments to hold the loom and a bunch of bands but she quickly outgrew it.

So this is what I came up with to wrangle up the overflow!

To accommodate her ever changing inventory I decided on a design by Snapdragon Snippets that includes differently sized drawers.  I glued three of these units together and added some extra panels to decorate the outside edges.  To make it easier to see what color bands were in each drawer, I used a brad and fastened one of the bands to the drawer front through a punched out butterfly.  I can easily change out each band if she needs to move colors around, plus they work as a great little pull for the drawers.

So, now that she has a cute desktop organizer, I won't be finding any more bands all over the house.

Yeah, right, lol!!!

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50 Things I am Thankful For

**see why in this post

50 -- My Peeps
Everyone should have a friend they can turn to, count on, confide in, laugh with and feel accepted and loved by.  I have three.  You ladies mean the world to me, and I can't thank you enough for all of our adventures and memories, and for always being there for me.  I'm one very lucky peep.   *muah!*

49 -- Friends
I have a couple good friends that I don't get to see too often, but when we do, we pick up right where we left off and it's like no time has passed.  A thought of them instantly puts a big smile on my face.

48 -- Walt Disney World
I know a few of you peeps will appreciate that I put WDW on my list, lol!  But it's true - nothing has put quite the same smile of excitement on both of my daughters' faces as their first trips to Disney.  That look of sheer joy they had will never fade in my memory, and it just makes my heart smile.

47 -- Gold Bond's hand cream and foot cream
Maybe TMI, I know, sorry, but my piggies and fingers get so dry and these creams really work for me.

46 -- The Internet
It is how I have learned so much in this crafting world, and also how I met one of my bestest peeps and my bestest long distance buddie.  :)

44 -- Art Glitter adhesive with metal tip
OhMyGosh my search for the perfect glue is over!  I discovered this recently and it is awesome - dries quickly but gives me a few more seconds to adjust things than my previous fave, Scotch, plus the metal tip with steel pin does NOT clog.  LOVE this stuff!

45 -- Craft store coupons on my phone
I never remember to grab the paper coupons before heading out of the house so the phone apps save me.

43 -- First Responders & Emergency Personnel
I can't imagine what it takes for them to do the stuff they do - they are a truly special type of people.  And I hope I never have to be personally thankful for their help, but I will always be thankful knowing they are there if I ever need them.

42 -- Song Birds
The weather is getting nice finally, and in my yard I can hear a dozen different songs in the trees.  Their music makes me smile every time.

41 -- The Pause and Rewind buttons for live TV
When I'm watching a show, why is it that hubby feels the need to tell me something totally random right at the moment that the crime fighters are solving the mystery?

40 -- A good vacuum
Between kids and cats and hubby, it's a necessity!

39 -- My little red snow sled
We go sledding with it in the winter but the rest of the year we use it for hauling plants and dirt and mulch for gardening, hauling nuts and sticks that we rake up in the yard, and hauling clippings from pruning plants.  Best part about it is that it doesn't tip over like a wheelbarrow - I'm a bit challenged driving those!

38 -- My favorite garden tool
I have no idea what it is called but it has a long handle and at the end there is a wide metal loop, kind of like a stirrup, and it kicks butt when it comes to getting the weeds out of my garden.

37 -- Nightlights
If I have to get up at night I hate turning on real lights - just too bright.  So I have 10 of them all through my house.

36 -- Jammie Days
Some days I love hanging out all day in my jammies, and I never tell my daughter "no" when she requests a jammie day either.

35 -- Migraine meds
Brain pain hurts and sometimes for three days, but now my meds can usually kick them in half a day, ahhhh.

34 -- Perennials
It's kind of like nature doing my gardening work for me!

33 -- Fly Swatters
Does that really need any explanation?  lol!

32 -- Glitter Glue
Oh how I love love love the sparkly bling of glitter, but oh gosh how challenged I am with the loose stuff.  I'm not sure if I get more on me, or on the cat, or the floor, or the furniture....just a disaster everywhere.  Glitter glue to the rescue!

31 -- Movie nights at home with my daughter
My little one loves to request movie nights - we snuggle up in our comfiest jammies on the sofa and watch movies (usually Disney) and eat popcorn.  I love how happy such a simple thing can make her!

30 -- Music
It can lull my little one to sleep, cheer me up if I'm having a bad day, or even make me laugh or cry. Kind of cool how much power a simple song can have.

29 -- Optimism
I have always been a generally optimistic person, even usually when things were going terribly wrong.  I think it is a survival technique - getting through something by focusing on the hope that it will all work out in the end.  Having said that, I am also a big worrier.  But I think that is connected to the part of my personality that is a planner.  So, as long as I know what terrible thing could happen next, then I can have a Plan B ready just in case, and hopefully it will all work out in the end.

28 -- I still have my natural hair color
Well mostly.  I have a dozen little grays sneaking in but not really enough to notice.  Maybe it is vain, but I like my color and I don't want to go gray yet.

27 -- Growing up in New England
Love the snowy Winter (dislike being cold and shoveling snow), Love the colorful Autumn (dislike raking leaves), Love the hot Summers (dislike the humidity), Love the warm Spring (dislike how short it lasts) - and I wouldn't change a thing!  I'm so glad I grew up here.  I would be bored if I lived somewhere that the the weather was predictable and always mild and I wouldn't appreciate those 72 degree sunny dry days as much.

26 -- My Mom
We see each other every week and it seems like we are always laughing at something, or at each other.  Nobody in this world can accept you and all your little quirks quite the way a mom can, and that is an incredibly comforting feeling.  I get my crafty side from her.  I've also inherited her horrible memory, which is usually at the root of most of our laughing when we are trying to remember what we were doing, saying, thinking...  Gosh what a pair we make when we are together, lol!  I love my mommy! <3

25 -- Coffee
If you know me at all, then you know I am NOT a morning person.  I wake up slowly, have no interest in conversation, and have more than once almost put the jug of orange juice away in the dinnerware cabinet instead of the fridge.  My brain and body simply do not function for the first 1/2 hour I'm awake.  But give me a cup of coffee and it's all good!

24 -- Crafting
As a kid I created little masterpieces with anything I could find - tissue boxes, paper towel tubes, the Sunday paper comic section, paper cups and tons of glue and yarn.  Nothing headed for the trash was safe.  I spent hours tinkering with my creations and loved every minute of it.  And I still do - but now I get to play with cool tools like my Cameo, and with shelves of pretty paper, and an amazing selection of embellishments!  I get such a feeling of satisfaction when I'm crafting.  It's like therapy - calms me and makes my soul happy.  I just get lost in it too so don't even think of talking to me if I've got glue in my hands, lol!

23 -- Thick socks
I run around at home in my socks most days, and thick cushy socks make my feet so happy!

22 -- Rainbows
Yeah I know, corny, but I love seeing one.  Especially the really bright ones that look like they are lit from behind like a stained glass window.  And the fact that they are so quick to fade just makes them more special when I do see one.  They put a big smile on my face because they are just so beautiful!

21 -- My In-laws
I could not ask for more caring and supportive in-laws.  They live next door which some might think would be difficult, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  I remember telling my hubby after meeting his family for the first time that he was a lucky man.  And now I am a lucky daughter-in-law.

20 -- Laughter
Especially the unexpected kind that sneaks up on me and makes me snort-laugh and then makes my sides hurt because I just can't stop.

19 -- Oceans
I don't swim well.  I just never learned as a kid.  So I think that is why I don't like to be out in water over my head even if it's on a boat.  But I do love being near water.  One of my happy moments that I tucked in my brain was a day at the beach when I was lying in the sun with the warm ocean breeze and the sound of the waves swooshing back and forth.  If I close my eyes right now I can still feel the warmth and hear the water...ahhh.....

18 -- My health
I am thankful that I am as healthy as I am today since I was not too health conscious in my younger years.  I try to be good and eat healthy but I still splurge on some sweets - a girl's gotta have her cookies ya know!  I have good intentions about exercising and I admit that I am not as faithful at it as I would like to be, but I'm getting there.

17 -- Teachers
I volunteer at my daughter's school every week and I see a bit of what the teachers deal with on a daily basis.  It's not easy and I totally admire them.  Especially the ones who have been teaching for a long time and still have that twinkle in their eye.  Teachers truly touch lives and hearts forever.

16 -- My siblings
I have 7 and 2 half younger siblings.  Most of us are local and get to see each other fairly often and it can be NUTS!  Everyone talking at the same time, squawks of laughter,  husbands, kids, pets - just plain crazy.  But it is always so good to see them all.

15 -- My cat Dory
We rescued her when she was 7 weeks old.  My daughter found her in the woods, abandoned near a swimming spot.  So tiny and scared.  We brought her home and fell in love with her instantly.  She is funny, like crack-me-up-every-day funny, she loves to be in the middle of every family minute, she "talks" to me if I call her name, attacks my feet as I walk by, she loves routines especially morning wake up and evening tuck in with my youngest, and she does this head-bump kind of thing that totally makes me feel loved.  She is just plain goofy and lovable.  Bestest (and warmest) lap kitty evah!

14 -- Mountains
There's something about standing in front of something in nature that is so massive - it literally takes my breath away.

13 -- Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies
LOVE them!  I could eat them for breakfast (and have)!  Yummmmm

12 -- Baby and little kid giggles
You know, the kind that comes from their bellies - pure happy joy.  I dare anyone to try not smiling or giggling themselves when they hear one.

11 -- Cartwheels
Something about flipping feet over head makes me feel like a kid again - plus I can still do it without hurting myself, yet, lol!

10 -- Toenail polish
Nobody's toes are pretty but splash a little cheerful color on them and they become adorable piggies!

9 -- XXL sweatshirts
I wear a size Small but am happiest hanging around the house in a big XXL sweatshirt - so comfy!

8 -- The color teal
In any shade, it is such a pretty and rich color and makes me feel happy.

7 -- The kindness of a stranger
Whether it be a smile from someone passing by, a door held for me by the person ahead, or a kind older gentleman knocking on my car window and offering directions as I sit on the side of the road flustered from getting lost in road construction traffic for 2 hours because my GPS failed me - a simple kind gesture can instantly restore my faith in people and make the rest of my day feel amazing.  And it just makes me want to bake them cookies to say thank you, lol!

6 -- Potatoes
Can not express how much I love the spud!  Baked, boiled, fried, mashed, cheesy, raw - breakfast, lunch or dinner - any way you serve them up I'll eat 'em!!

5 -- Velcro and Paper Clips
I wish I had invented them.   Two of the coolest tools - so simple and brilliant!

4 -- The "Making a Difference" segment at the end of the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
I can't tell you how many nights I've watched the last 5 minutes of that show with my eyes watering up from the feel-good stories they end with.   It helps remind me that there is still good in people and in the world.

3 -- My loving hubby
He is a mix of everything I admire in people - hardworking, honest, caring, easy-going, amusing, and oh so patient with all my quirkiness, lol!  He is my soul mate.

2 -- My two happy and healthy girls
My oldest is on her own now and although I miss her every day, I am also very proud of her independence.  She has grown into a beautiful person, both inside and out, and she has a certain confidence and grace about her that I both admire and wish for her sister too.  My youngest is 8 and can be quite a firecracker at times, but she has such a sweet heart of gold and makes me smile (and laugh) everyday with her new discoveries.  She is my little buddy and sidekick.  Her spirited nature can be challenging at times but I think it makes me appreciate the little moments even more - and I keep telling myself to be patient because it will take her far when she grows up!

1 -- Spring
My favorite season!  I love the smell in the air, the feel of the breeze, the sound of the birds, and patiently (or impatiently) monitoring all the little budding flowers and plants and trees.  Feels like a new beginning every year.  And after this past winter, which was soooo cold and long, I am extra thankful that temps are finally above freezing.

April 9, 2014

Good Golly I'm a Goofball!

And a forgetful one too I guess.   Here I thought I was being a smartypants for timing my posts for "50 Things I am Thankful For" to end on my birthday, and now I remember the countdown ticker on my blog is for my birthday getaway, not my actual birthday.  Geesh!

Ok so I guess I'll keep posting each day but maybe I can throw in a bunch of doubles to catch up?  ROFL!

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Yikes - 50 Days and Counting!

until the Big Five-Ohhhhhhhhh........
(read that with a trailing accent of 'ugh', lol!)

And as it approaches I can't help but find myself pausing to reflect.  Overall I think I'm handling it ok.  So far.  After all it is just a number, right?  Just, why does it have to be such a big number? lol!

To commemorate this milestone I've decided to document (in no particular order) some of the things that I am thankful for - and share them here with you my peeps.  One a day for 50 days.  Big things, small things, some from my heart and soul, others light and totally random.  50 reasons that it is ok to be turning 50.  Or, just a list to help remind me how blessed I am.  Not that I forget, but you know what they say about the memory as you age... ;)

click  here  to read my list

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