April 9, 2014

Yikes - 50 Days and Counting!

until the Big Five-Ohhhhhhhhh........
(read that with a trailing accent of 'ugh', lol!)

And as it approaches I can't help but find myself pausing to reflect.  Overall I think I'm handling it ok.  So far.  After all it is just a number, right?  Just, why does it have to be such a big number? lol!

To commemorate this milestone I've decided to document (in no particular order) some of the things that I am thankful for - and share them here with you my peeps.  One a day for 50 days.  Big things, small things, some from my heart and soul, others light and totally random.  50 reasons that it is ok to be turning 50.  Or, just a list to help remind me how blessed I am.  Not that I forget, but you know what they say about the memory as you age... ;)

click  here  to read my list

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