May 21, 2014

Footwear Fun

Whether you call this shoe a "sneaker" or a "tennis shoe" (ahem,!) it is just adorable!  SVGCuts has got me hooked!

This is from their kit called Back To The Books and I originally planned to make the note card holder and backpack first, but the shoe just kept calling me, lol!  I love the design and was surprised how well it all came together considering how many pieces create the shape.  I should know better by now NOT to doubt Mary, her brain is amaaaaazing with these things.

I've got a dozen more of their kits on my wishlist - and rumor has it that there is a sale coming up soon?  Crossing my fingers and toes!

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May 13, 2014

Box Card Mania !

Ok, so my first couple Card In A Box projects totally got me hooked.  Even my husband was commenting on how cool the concept was - and that's impressive since he doesn't really comment on crafty projects even if he likes them.

So for Mother's Day and for my niece's high school graduation I decided to make some more.  Just as I was starting the design process I received a promotional email from SVGCuts for a new Box Card Kit on their website and it was perfect!!!

Lookie at a few of the cool designs...

I was so last minute making these that I didn't get to ink or stickle anything, but even without the extra touches these designs rock!!!  Oh Mary, how do you think up these beauties?  I am totally addicted to your website!  My goal is to make every single 3D thing on it, lol!!

And my next project is actually already done, but I can't show it off to you just yet - not until a certain birthday has gone by....any guesses peeps??  heehee!!

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Quickie Teacher Appreciation Treats

I love all you teachers out there!  After all, you ARE on my list of 50 Things I Am Thankful For  ;)

So to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day last week, I made a dozen cards and post-it-note holders to pass out at my daughter's school.  The pencil shaped card by Alaa' K is such a cute design!   And the note holders are my go-to quickie project when I find myself down to the wire (which happens way too often, yikes!).

The main teacher received a different card with a little something extra tucked inside, heehee!  She is amazing.  Her class has a few students in it with very challenging personalities, but it does not faze her - just amazing I tell ya!

Now I've got a month to figure out what to do for the last day of school - and I'm determined for it to not be last minute this time!

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