May 13, 2014

Quickie Teacher Appreciation Treats

I love all you teachers out there!  After all, you ARE on my list of 50 Things I Am Thankful For  ;)

So to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day last week, I made a dozen cards and post-it-note holders to pass out at my daughter's school.  The pencil shaped card by Alaa' K is such a cute design!   And the note holders are my go-to quickie project when I find myself down to the wire (which happens way too often, yikes!).

The main teacher received a different card with a little something extra tucked inside, heehee!  She is amazing.  Her class has a few students in it with very challenging personalities, but it does not faze her - just amazing I tell ya!

Now I've got a month to figure out what to do for the last day of school - and I'm determined for it to not be last minute this time!

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