June 2, 2014

Friendship Lamps

What better way to celebrate my birthday than to surprise my peeps with a little 'made with love' gift to  show each of them how much they mean to me.  Since they are Disney fans I found my inspiration from a quote at the end of the movie Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure:

The greatest treasures are not gold
nor jewels nor works of art.
They can not be held in your hand
they're held within your heart.
For worldly things will fade away
as seasons come and go.
But the treasure of true friendship
will never lose its glow.

And of course I used an SVG Cuts design!   This tea light lamp is part of their Maison de Madeline SVG Kit.

Thank you ladies for a totally awesome birthday weekend - the shopping, waffles, cake baking/decorating, movies, photo booth, scenic drives and walks, and especially the laughter - so many fun memories even someone my age will never forget!
You are indeed the bestest.

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