July 20, 2014

No more Empty Nest feeling

Ever since my little family of baby robins flew the coop (or the nest under my deck) I've had that sad feeling every mom has when their little ones leave home.  I used to say hi and check on them each day, and I was even there for two of their first flights.  Sigh....I miss them.

But today I got a nice treat - I was standing by the pool when all of a sudden I saw something swoop towards me, and I instantly recognized that familiar loud buzz.  A Hummingbird just missed my head!  So I grabbed my camera and a seat on a nearby chair while three of them gave me a show, taking turns (and sometimes demanding turns) at the feeder.  Heehee!  I was so excited that they finally found it!

Ain't she a beauty?!!

Baby Robin #4 just before her first (wobbly) flight

And now I have birds to keep watch over again.  Happy mom.

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