July 8, 2014

What's a Typewriter Mommy?

As if my recent milestone birthday wasn't enough to make me feel a bit old, this week I found myself explaining typewriters, cassette players, record players and the pre-remote control and DVR days to my little one.  Sigh....   lol!

But it's all good, and my recent project was definitely worth any personally vintage feeling that I may have been processing.  This is from the SVG Cuts Good Day at the Office kit.  I absolutely love the design of this and how easy it all goes together.  Yep, Mary just blew my mind away - AGAIN! 

I made this as a gift box for the Money Rosette that I posted a few days ago.  It fit so perfectly and was a nice hidden surprise for my mother-in-law who didn't realize the typewriter was a box to open - gosh I wish I had a video of her expression when she did, priceless!

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