September 8, 2014

A Not-So-Scary Scarecrow

The design for this little fella was just too cute to resist.  He's part of the Leaves Are Falling SVG Kit by SVG Cuts, and he was also the perfect chance for me to finally use my new French Country papers from Graphic 45, yay!


There are so many little ways you can dress this guy up.  I had fun adding some buttons and sunflowers, a few patches on his clothes and hat, and a little bit of lace trim for a fancy collar (bet you won't see that on a real scarecrow!).  The banner seemed to be missing something so I tried some Fantastic Glaze & Glue by CraftFantastic to give a little dimensional shine.  Cool stuff!

It was really hard to stop tinkering with him once I started.  I think that is my favorite part of a project - the part where all the big work is done, and all that is left is the unplanned little detail touches that bring it all together.

When he was done, I decided to give him to the ladies that work in the office at my daughter's school. They always greet me with such warm and happy smiles and I just wanted to do a little something back for them.  You should have seen those smiles when I delivered him!  :)

And a funny thing happened when I was taking pictures of the scarecrow - a hummingbird moth (who had been busy working the flowers nearby) suddenly got curious and decided to take a peek at my little scarecrow - just as I was snapping a pic.  Photo bomb!  LOL!

I figured if he was hamming it up for the camera then I'd try to get a some pictures, but those buggers are fast!  I did manage to get a couple though. 

Aren't Nature's creatures fascinating?!

So, now I know that a scarecrow might scare a crow, but it doesn't necessarily scare a hummingbird moth.  ;)

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