November 20, 2014

Operation "Sneaky Turkey"

I've been so busy (and under the weather) lately that I haven't been able to do much crafting, but tis the season for hand-made gifts so I NEED to get busy, and quick!

I adore my daughter's 4th grade teacher.  So much so, that I am already dreading June and the end of the school year.  She is one of those rare and special people that has been teaching for many (30+) years, and who still lights up when she is around the kids.  There's a twinkle in her eye when she talks about them and to them.  She absolutely LOVES her job.  And in all the craziness of today's pace of teaching, and testing, and assessments, she has found a calming balance where she can enjoy each day and enable the kids to enjoy it right along with her.  She's amazing and a true gem.

She also loves fun, crafty things, so I quickly made up a big 20" turkey decoration to put on her door for Thanksgiving - but I wanted to surprise her with it.  I snuck over to the classroom door, which was closed, peeked through the window and saw that the kids were all sitting in a circle working quietly on a group activity, which meant that I couldn't open the door without being seen.  I figured I'd get the turkey ready for hanging and see what they were up to when it was ready.  I sat in the hall putting tons of tape on the back of it to make sure that it wouldn't fall off the door, and when it was ready I peeked inside again and saw that the kids were all up and about, getting back to their desks - and I saw my opportunity!  While on my knees so that I would be kid-height and "blend in", I opened the door just enough to sneak my arm and head inside and I quickly slapped the turkey on - but when the kids saw me their faces got bright and they started to call out my name.  I quickly gave them the "shhhhhhhh!" sign, and gosh, you should have seen how much brighter their faces got when they realized we were being sneaky, lol!  I finished securing the turkey and as I slithered out of the door I could hear soft and squeaky little kid giggles behind me.  It took the teacher about an hour before she saw it, so Operation Sneaky Turkey was a success!

My next stop was the Principal's office.  I figured it would be fun to surprise her and the office staff with a funny turkey too.  But her door was open, and I could hear her working just inside the doorway out of view.  I figured I'd give it my best attempt and, on my knees again, I tried to keep my body back and out of sight while stretching my arms as far as I could to reach the door to stick the turkey in place.  But I heard giggling start, and I was caught in the act by the Principal and the secretary.  Oh well, good attempt, lol!

I didn't take any pics of the turkeys before heading to school, but I snapped a quick cell phone pic on my way out of the Principal's office.  He ended up hanging a bit off center and crooked, but he's so stinking cute nobody will care!

Isn't he adorable?!!  It's a new Silhouette Design Store file by Sarah Bailey.   Because I didn't have much time to play with the design, I kept him simple but made him huge!

Trying to be sneaky was fun and I think I'm gonna give it another try next month, maybe with some cute and fun snowmen scattered around the school?  Maybe I can pop one up each day?  It would be a fun hunt for "Where's the New Snowman Today?" as the kids come in down the hall each morning!  Hee hee!

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