December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Peeps!

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday!

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October 17, 2015

It's hayride time again!

I have friends who hold an annual hayride.  We pile into a hay wagon pulled by a farm tractor and travel from their house, over the river and through the woods (literally!) to a small orchard and then back home.  We've been doing this for over 25 years now, and it has transformed from a partying night time adventure when we were in our 20's, to a more family friendly daytime event as we married and had children, and now it includes those kids all grown up and even a couple of grandkids.

When we reach the orchard it's always fun to see the reaction of the folks there as our wagon pulls in and about 20 of us hop out, lol!   We do a little shopping in their store, and if the season allows, we sometimes do a little apple picking too.  Then we head back home where we have a big potluck dinner and enjoy lots of good company.

Some years the foliage is past peak and trees are a bit bare, but not this year.  WOW!  The colors are so amazing right now and they almost made me forget about the cold snap that rolled in this weekend.  Temps started at 50 but were dropping as we made our way home.  Brrrr!  ...but Beautiful and so worth it.  I really LOVE living in New England this time of year.

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September 28, 2015

Supermoon eclipse!

So cool!!!   Did you see it? Here in New England we had perfect weather to view this rare event. And wow, it was a very red blood moon indeed!

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August 26, 2015

Back To School Teacher Gift

It's that time again - back to school!

And every year it's the same - I find myself completely boggled, trying to accept that my little one is entering her new grade level.  This year it is 5th grade, which is extra hard for me to process because that means that next year she will be in middle school - yikes!  That means that this is the official last year of little kid status.  Last year of getting to help out in her classroom.  Last year of sleeping in til 7, lol!

But I'll worry about all that later.  Today is a happy day.  And to celebrate it we made this super cute sneaker pencil holder ("tennis shoe" to you Deb!) for her to give to her new teacher on the first day.

The design is from the SVG Cuts Back to the Books svg kit, and the paper is from the Graphic 45 French Country paper collection.  I also made one of these for myself last year and I just love how easy they are to assemble.  Tons of gluing and some very odd shaped pieces, but amazingly it all goes together easily.  I recycled one of my daughter's yogurt containers and put it inside the shoe to hold the pencils.  It fits perfectly and protects the shoe from pencil points or leaky pens.

My daughter is excited to start school and I know she'll have a giggle every morning looking at this shoe and secretly knowing that there are Minions hiding on the yogurt cup inside, lol!

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August 25, 2015

Soccer ball thank you card

My daughter has never been very interested in playing team sports, but last summer she participated in a British Soccer camp for the first time - and she LOVED it.  So she participated again this summer and she loved it again.  Those coaches have an amazing way with kids!

We gave them thank you cards at the end of the week and my daughter didn't even complain when I asked her to write a little note inside.  She really did enjoy the camp and coaches!

I used a Silhouette Design Store file by Snapdragon Snippets called Soccer Ball Outline (Design ID #10496) and I can't remember the name of the font.

My daughter had so much fun all week playing soccer, and I had so much fun all week listening to that wonderful British accent....

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August 24, 2015

Burlap Birthday Banner

I offered to make a birthday banner for one of my peeps who was having a beach themed party, and the first idea I had was to use burlap.  I'm not sure why I thought this felt beachy, but it works I think, lol!

I've never used burlap in a project before and I was trying to figure out how I would make it work, when I stumbled through Michael's big 80% clearance sale aisle.  Ok, I didn't stumble, I lingered.  I went through EVERY bin.  TWICE.  Wow what goodies I found, including a roll of laminated burlap!  Can you say destiny??  Now I KNEW my burlap idea was perfect, lol!  And it only cost me 85cents!  I also found a package of white twisty rope for 50cents that felt beachy to me too.  Gotta love great finds with perfect timing!

I hand cut the burlap into banner pieces, and decided to make it a bit stronger by glueing 1/2 inch strips of chipboard to the top back edge where the holes would be punched.  This really helped stiffen everything up and make it more durable against shredding.

I just made simple pastel scallop circles with gorgeous shimmery light blue centers to mat the letters (SNF Jolly Curls from Sillhouette Design Store) which I popped up with some foam tape.  I added some cute sea shells and coral from SVG Cuts' Wet n Wild svg kit.

Can you see the shimmer on that beautiful Creative Memories light blue paper?  LOVE their shimmers!

Another long project that is hard to figure out how to photograph.  I had hubby and my 9yo hold it up outside so I could take a pic, but the two of them had such troubles trying to get the string tight enough and level enough and steady enough, that this is the one and only shot I got - complete with backlighting that makes it look like it is glowing!  LOL!  But you get the idea!  :)

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August 23, 2015

80 Candle Accordion Birthday Card

I was lucky enough to attend a Karen Burniston card making class a few months ago, and ohmygosh I love how her brain twists to create these accordion dies!  The cards close flat and are A2 size, but when they open up into an accordion fold there are little connecting windows that swivel out and zigzag in the opposite direction.  So FUN!

I've seen them a couple times online, and they looked interesting, but once I saw them in action I had to get a couple of them (Accordion Rectangle and Katie Label Accordion plus the coordinating Katie Stars Frame Edges).  And then I couldn't resist using them to include 80 candles for a special friend's milestone birthday this month, heehee!!

The stamp is by Art Impressions and was PERFECT for my project...

The font I used is called "SNF Jolly Curls" (Design ID #89674) and the candles are "3 Birthday Candles" (Design ID #59293) by Lisa Norris, both from the Silhouette Design Store.  The symmetrical part of my nature absolutely LOVED the fact that I could put 5 candles on each panel of the sentiment and have everything all balanced.  ;)

The card ended up being so long that was hard for me to find a spot to take a full picture of it, lol!  And when it was folded it was so thick that I had to make a box to put it in instead of an envelope.

That was alot of die cutting by hand, especially the frames since you can only cut one short and one long side at a time - not easy when you are making a total of 18 panels!  I'm not used to that anymore after being spoiled with my Cameo and Eclips, lol!

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August 20, 2015

3D Wedding Cake

When I saw this new Mr. & Mrs. kit from SVG Cuts I knew right away I had to make it for the same friend who I had made wedding invitations for a few months ago.

I used her wedding colors in the flowers and the same embossing design for the layer panels that I used on her invitations.  I added some gold cording and a bunch of metallic sticker flourishes to the gold glittery pedestal, and I used a zillion pearls and glass bead strands with some crochet ribbon to each layer.  There's also satin ribbon around the base of each layer.  I'm surprised the cake didn't crush the pedestal from the weight of all the bling, lol!

Each cake layer lifts off to reveal a hidden box.  But, to be honest, these boxes do not fit together easily.  The "lids" are very tight and tricky to put together.  If I try making this design again, I may try tweaking the box sizes a smidge to make them close better.  But I do still adore this file.  Oh and by the way, it is HUGE! About 18" tall!

Another Mary hit!

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August 13, 2015

Sneak Peek!

What a summer!  Busy busy busy!  And some of it has been crafty busy, heehee!!!

Here's a little peek at something I'm finishing up this week...

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July 20, 2015

Yee-haw! It's a bridal shower!

I recently needed a gift bag for a gift card to give a good friend's daughter at her bridal shower, and this is what I came up with!

The boot design is (of course) an SVG Cuts file from their Happy Trails svg kit. I embossed some pearly white paper for the sides using an Anna Griffin folder called Foundry.

If you are thinking that this is not your traditional type of bridal shower gift bag, then you need to peek at the card that went with it too...

I made this pop up card in a recent class with Karen Burniston. The barn doors actually slide open to reveal a little message.  I've only recently discovered her designs and they are so fun!  I couldn't stop admiring all the samples she brought to class, especially the ones that use her accordion dies - interactive cards are just the the best!

I guess if you know the bride-to-be then you'd understand why she LOVED her boot and card.  She's a fun, confident, farm loving girl, and thinking of her always makes me smile.

Now to figure out what to make for the actual wedding... lol!

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July 12, 2015

Birthday Tea Pot

I've been busy, busy, busy!  But I have been having some crafty fun too.

This victorian style tea pot is part of the Honeybee Tea kit by SVG Cuts.  I LOVE this design and I LOVE this Graphic 45 Botanical Tea paper collection.

I shrunk the design a bit to reduce the size of the pot to about 7" or 8" (oops, forgot to take a final measurement!).  That made it a bit tricky to assemble the spout and lid knob, but worth it because I really like the more petite size.

This was used as a birthday gift box for a cash gift - I tightly rolled up the bills and tied them with a thin ribbon bow, leaving one of the tails extra long so I could attach a little "tea bag tag".

A gift within a gift.  :)

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May 8, 2015

Theyyyyy're Baaaaack!

Yesterday I set my feeders out for the season and within twenty minutes look who was already visiting!

Wow that was fast.

My feathered babies are back and oh how I missed them over the long, cold winter we had.  So now we can say that Spring is finally, really and officially here.


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May 7, 2015

Teacher Name Tags

I noticed that my daughter's two main teachers did not have a name tag next to their classroom room numbers outside their doors, so I made them one!

I used a split title design by Megan Hardy Designs, customized the blackboard text, and then I added the teacher names using the Branboll NY font.

Of course I wanted to be mean to surprise the teachers (heehee!), so I taped up the name tags when they had their classes out of their rooms.  I waited for them to come back and see their reaction but with the hustle and bustle of a typical 4th grade day they didn't notice.  I couldn't help but giggle thinking of when they did finally see them, especially since their rooms are directly opposite each other.  I had imagined one walking out her door and seeing the other's tag and commenting at the same time the other did the same back, and then the two of them laughing.

I guess it took them a few hours after school and going through their doors a dozen times til they finally saw them - and they loved them, yay!  They were pretty sure who put them there, but I just smiled at them and shook my head when they asked the next day and said that I was certain that I had no idea what they were talking about.  Lol!  I love these ladies.  And I'm gonna miss them next year soooo much.

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May 5, 2015

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

To all you teachers out there I send a sincere and heartfelt Thank You!  I truly appreciate your dedication and every little caring thing you do for our little ones.  **Muah!**

A friend recently showed me a new and fun little gatefold shutter card design she tried.  Have you seen these?  If you haven't tried one yet, you need to!  I made a dozen of these for the teachers  using Lori Whitlock's A2 Gatefold Shutter Card design from the Silhouette Design Store.

I didn't use the belly band in the file but instead made a print-and-cut of a vinyl phrase by Kolette Hall and then matted it with one of her Chalkboard Labels.

Isn't that fun?!  I LOVE how it opens up to reveal a little message.  Interactive cards always make me smile and I think the teachers will smile too when they open these.

Enjoy your day teachers - you rock!!

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May 4, 2015

#1 Teacher Card

Tomorrow is the big day!  I can't wait to watch the kids give their teacher the shadow box frame. And to go with it, the kids signed a large 8.5"x11" shaped card that I made using a title design by Miss Kate Cuttable.

I love turning things into shaped cards - so much more fun than an ordinary rectangle, don't ya think?!!

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May 1, 2015

It's Teacher Appreciation time again!

I've been busy, busy, busy!  We went to Disney World for spring vacation.  Ohmygosh what fun we had!  It was much hotter than I expected but after the long, cold winter we've had in the Northeast this year it was a welcome change.

And now that we are back I know the rest of the school year is going to just fly. Teacher Appreciation Day usually creeps up on me fast and I usually find myself scrambling to put together a crafty little something for the staff.  But this year it didn't. I actually started my sneaky planning a month ago when I was inspired by a fun idea on Pinterest.

I volunteer in my daughter's class every week and a couple weeks ago when the teacher asked me to help the kids with a Mother's Day project in the next classroom I found my opportunity to also kickstart my project!  I snapped pics of each child's hands in the heart shape sign, then used Photoshop to add each child's chosen color for the background.  I placed them as a border around a quote design I found in the Silhouette Design Store by Kolette Hall.  (the text is cut from a gorgeous shimmery Creative Memories cardstock that cuts like butter in my Cameo)  I placed it all inside a Shadow Box Frame by Lori Whitlock (also in the Sil Design Store).

My daughter's teacher is the best.  The absolute BEST.  She truly loves working with every child and you can see it in her eyes and her warm smile every day as proof.  I'm really going to miss this amazing lady next year.

The kids are excited to give this gift to her, and they have been able to keep it all hush so far, even the boys who look like they are about to explode because they are so excited to be doing something sneaky too, lol!  I can't wait for Tuesday to get here, it is going to be so much fun watching the kids present this to their teacher.

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April 12, 2015

Shadow Box Thank You Card

I've tried a couple of these cards by Lori Whitlock before without much success, but I can be very determined sometimes and this time it paid off.  Lookie what can happen when you don't give up!

I used some very heavy cardstock this time and it really did help.  The card still only folds flat in one direction but I'm ok with that.

So how do you think I'm progressing with shaking the guilt for making simple cards?...?...
Silly peeps, you should know me better than that!   LOL!!

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April 7, 2015

Butterfly Flourish Card

Another flourish design by Daniela Angelova that cuts like butter!

Not that it really needed it, but I added an extra darker purple butterfly layer under the top white butterfly to add a bit more interest, and then I pop-dotted both layers separately to give some extra dimension along with the pearls.

I think the simplicity of Daniela's designs is gorgeous.  But I can't help feeling a little guilty and then compelled to add something extra to them.  Kind of like if I don't, then I am somehow cheating because they are so quick and easy.

I sooo need to get over that, I know, lol!

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April 6, 2015

Easter Bunny Flourish Card

This little bunny design by Daniela Angelova in the Silhouette Design Store is absolutely adorable! The flourish is easy to cut because it is not too delicate (I always appreciate that!) and with a few bits of bling and pop dots I had a quick and easy card in no time.

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter had a great day with family.  We had lots of good company, a fun egg hunt for the little ones, and some very full tummies of way too much yummy food - the perfect day!

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