January 27, 2015

The best part about a blizzard is...

Yep, we are in middle of a big blizzard.  The storm path shifted a bit so it is not quite as bad as was originally forcasted, but still lots of snow.  We've got about 20" so far and up to another 6" could fall before it ends later today.  The 30+mph wind gusts are creating crazy drifts around my yard and I can't wait to get out in it tomorrow to see exactly how deep.  But for now, a peek out onto my deck shows about a 3' ridge alongside the pool.  I can't help but laugh!  It was almost bare 24 hours ago.

Most of our state is still under a travel ban this morning, and wind chills are around zero degrees right now (in my house also known as "I can't feel my face" degrees).  So what is a girl to do?  Hunker down and have a crafting jammie day of course, lol!!  And that is the best part of a blizzard!   :) 

I hope that all of my east coast peeps are weathering the weather just fine, and I hope you all are having a fun jammie & crafting day too.  Stay warm and be safe!

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  1. Wrap up warm sweetie - I've never experienced snow like that here in England!

  2. That picture is just amazing - all in one day!