August 26, 2015

Back To School Teacher Gift

It's that time again - back to school!

And every year it's the same - I find myself completely boggled, trying to accept that my little one is entering her new grade level.  This year it is 5th grade, which is extra hard for me to process because that means that next year she will be in middle school - yikes!  That means that this is the official last year of little kid status.  Last year of getting to help out in her classroom.  Last year of sleeping in til 7, lol!

But I'll worry about all that later.  Today is a happy day.  And to celebrate it we made this super cute sneaker pencil holder ("tennis shoe" to you Deb!) for her to give to her new teacher on the first day.

The design is from the SVG Cuts Back to the Books svg kit, and the paper is from the Graphic 45 French Country paper collection.  I also made one of these for myself last year and I just love how easy they are to assemble.  Tons of gluing and some very odd shaped pieces, but amazingly it all goes together easily.  I recycled one of my daughter's yogurt containers and put it inside the shoe to hold the pencils.  It fits perfectly and protects the shoe from pencil points or leaky pens.

My daughter is excited to start school and I know she'll have a giggle every morning looking at this shoe and secretly knowing that there are Minions hiding on the yogurt cup inside, lol!

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  1. Love this!! It looks so nice - love the patterned paper and laces! :) Thanks for sharing, Denni!